Update Your WordPress GIT Plugin in the .Org Repo

Using your terminal/command line on linux or mac.

  1. FIRST: Update the version number in your readme.txt, and make sure the version is correct in the main plugin file.
  2. Change to your plugin directory (`cd`).
  3. Create a tag of the of the new version (change “1.0.4” to your current stable version number).
    svn cp trunk tags/1.0.4
    ls -a tags/1.0.4
    rm -rf tags/1.0.4/.git*
    rm tags/1.0.4/README.md
  4. Update GIT staging.
    git add -A .
  5. Review GIT changes.
    git status
  6. Commit the changes to the GIT repo if all looks right.
    git commit -m "Updating as it gets added to WP repo"
  7. Change directory back to plugin root.
    cd ../
  8. Add items to SVN repo.
    svn add * --force
  9. Review SVN changes.
    svn status
  10. Commit SVN changes to the repo.
    svn --username [username] --password [password] commit -m 'Short description of changes made'